Our Solutions

Our solutions and services are designed to be different to other providers, we use our enterprise experience from the largest companies who have demanding timelines and functionality requirements, this allows us to implement solutions and provide services which are complete rather than incremental.

Our-Solutions-OtherOther Providers

Most providers will start with an idea provided by the client, build what they can and incrementally increase the functionality to the client requirements as they go ahead. This approach will only allow costs to be visible in Steps 1-2 (20%), other steps will not be visible to the client believing that they will have a complete solution at that stage. Once the project has been expanded to Steps 5-6 (50%) deep questions will be asked as to the viability of the project, the project will enter a phase of painful decisions whether to progress or look at alternative approaches. At Steps 8-9 (80%) most projects will have underdelivered functionality and overcommitted budgets requiring replanning of the business viability.


Our-Solutions-VanquishVanquish Consulting

At Vanquish we take a much simpler approach, our solutions and services have taken the core components and merged them in to complete solutions allowing clients to bypass the 7 Steps (70-80%) that other providers will need often due to their lack of experience in complex and challenging environments. This allows for faster implementation, ad-hoc consulting rather than full time consulting, client ownership of the solutions, and a platform for growth regardless of the size of company.



Ultimately the Vanquish solutions and services are not comparable with other providers as these providers will only show the first Steps for areas such as development time, maintenance costs, industry specific issues, among others. Our solutions and services have been designed to eliminate the first 7 Steps of a project leaving clients to concentrate on the last 20% which is specific to their business.